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What to Do If Your Phone Runs out of Storage Space?

If your phone is running out of space, don’t worry you are not alone

What to Do If Your Phone Runs out of Storage Space?

If your phone is running out of space, don’t worry you are not alone. This is very common with smartphones, despite whether you use iOS or Android. It’s nothing to be embarrassed by, and instead of explaining yourself, you are better off with finding a solution. Following, we will try to help you!

Let Go for Some Snaps

Photos are one of the easiest ways to fill up your phone’s space. Pictures do take a good chunk of your phone's space. The best way to tackle this issue is using a storage service like Google Photos. If you are conscious about the image’s quality, these services are ideal if you can store pictures in RAW format.

Online services can help save up some space. So, save the snaps in your phone first. Pick the ones you want to keep and delete the rest. You don’t need extra snaps. Save the selected snaps in online service and clear your phone’s pictures folder.

If you don’t want to use an online service, you should connect your phone to your PC, and transfer the files there. Just save your snaps in a folder you won't mistakenly delete.

Delete Useless Rates

If you haven’t used an app in one month, you better remove it. Start with your games because they take more space and resources than other apps.  Some apps require only limited spaces, but they can use some more space for extra data.

The case is nearly the same for Updates. If an app needs frequent apps, it is taking too much space. You need to do something about it.

Don’t Download Music, Podcast

If you are music junkie, and you have an endless playlist, it will consume your mobile’s storage immediately. You need to change it. Stop downloading music, and instead Stream Podcasts. If you are not comfortable using podcasts, then convert your music into MP3.

Video files take too much space. Convert your files into MP3 and save more space. Better, download the music in MP3 instead of Video. Try using youtube converter mp3, use this app to download your favorite music in MP3 at the first place. It will save your space.

Clean Temporary Data

Like we said before, several apps store temporary data, it helps to access certain services quickly. This data can be important for the apps you visit from time to time. The only issue is your app will take a bit longer to run.

A Word of advice doesn’t run the cleaner blindly. First, go and see what data is accumulating space for no good reason. Start with the apps you don’t use much. It will help clear your storage without hindering your user experience.

Get an SD Card

Apologies to our iOS readers, this is for Android and Windows Phone users. A Micro SD card can give you a storage boost. It helps to save files. Smartphone treats memory cards as an extension of your storage drive. So, you won’t have any issues.

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