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Why Should You Pursue AmazonAWS Certified Developer – Associate Certification? Make It Together with Braindumps from Exam-Labs

Why Should You Pursue AmazonAWS Certified Developer – Associate Certification? Make It Together with Braindumps from Exam-Labs

Whether you are hoping to secure an AWS job, or you are simply looking to expand your professional knowledge, getting certified is very necessary. Depending on your career goals and needs, there are various types of the Amazon AWS certifications available, and AWS Certified Developer – Associate is one of the most important and highlyvalued credentials. Those who receive the Amazon certificate have the skills to write code and design mobile apps. They are also proficient in using APIs, SDKs, AWS CL, Elastic Beanstalk, and more.The certification is all about how to design, plan, and deploy the scalable solutions by the use of AWS.

Prerequisites for Pursuing AWS Certified Developer – Associate

To earn the AWS Certified Developer – Associate credential, one must clear the certification exam. And to be eligible for it, you must, first of all, provide proof that you have the relevant hands-on experience – more than one year of developing and maintaining apps based on AWS. Those who are seeking this Amazoncertificateare also required to have an understanding of AWS architecture and core services. The candidates will also be evaluated indesigning, deploying, and debuggingthe Cloud-based apps using AWS.All in all, you need to have deepknowledge of AWS services and identify their key features, knowone programming language at the expert level, utilize a CI/CD pipeline and AWS services and know how to interact with them.

The certificationexam itself will need 130 minutes of your time. You will face with the questions of two types: multiple choice and multiple response. The first type has 1 correct response and 3 distractors, while the second format has 2+ correct answers out of 5+ options. The passing score of the test is 720 points out of 1000. The cost of this certification examis $150 and you also can take a practice test for $20.



Preparation Steps for AWS Certified Developer – Associate

Generally, the Amazon AWS Certified Developer exam is hard to take. But this should not scare you. After all, hundreds of people manage to clear this test every year, and so can you. With determination, commitment, and proper study materials, you will definitely clear this exam and become an Amazon AWS certified professional. There are several reliable online sources that can help you study for this certification test and pass it at one go. Exam-Labs is one of such reputable platforms where you can get your study materials. There are a lot of premium files with guides and practice tests and free files with questions and answers forthis Amazon exam. In addition, the website offers all types of Amazon AWS certification courses.

Before taking this certification exam, you should know all the areas the students are tested on. It is required that you have the following knowledge before you can take this test, and namely:

·         Know how to use the AWS service, APIs, SDKs, and CLI for writing applications;

·         Have the technical skills and knowledge to write code and the ability to understand Cloud-native applications;

·         Understand the AWS shared responsibility model, as well as how to identify its key features;

·         Understand the application lifecycle management;

·         Know how to develop and deploy Cloud-based applications.

Why Is AWS Certified Developer – AssociateImportant Certification?

Generally, getting certified in your field is extremely important for career growth. There are so many advantages that the Amazon AWS certified specialists can benefit from. If you are not sure whether the Amazon credential is a valuable investment and a great career decision, you should read through the points highlighted below.


1.      Updated technical knowledge and skills

The main aim of the AWS Certified Developer certification program is to enhance the technical skills of the individuals. The IT industry keeps on evolving and new trends and innovations keep on emerging. For the IT professionals to remain skilled and knowledgeable when it comes to writing codes and designing apps, they must keep up with the most recent changes in the field. That is where this certification comes in. The Amazon certified specialists are well-equipped with the up-to-date and advanced technical skills to develop, design, and maintain both the latest and old Cloud-based platform technologies.

2.      Job opportunities

In any field, the certified individuals usually have more job opportunities and are more likely to be promoted as compared to their uncertified counterparts. This goes without saying, the Amazon certified professionals usually have more chances to get employed. Adding this credential on your resume gives you a big advantage. According to several researches, the specialists withAmazon AWS Certified Developer – Associate possess high-paying jobs compared to those who are not certified.

3.      Professional credibility

Professional credibility is very important in any career and anything that guarantees this should be embraced and pursued at all costs. This certificate gives a boost to your professional trustworthiness and demonstrates how committed you are to the job. Professional credibility can give you so many advantages and help you progress faster throughout your career. With this credential, big corporations and all other potential employers will trust your technical knowledge and will likely consider you for employment or promotion.

4.      Highly-demanded certification

When it comes to the Cloud computing market, Amazon possesses a very huge share. Besides, its market share is growing and becoming larger every day. Thus, the demand for all Amazon AWS certifications will continue to skyrocket and remain high. This means unlimited and better opportunities for the AWS certified professionals.Furthermore, more and more companies are now transferring their business operations online. This means that the Amazon certificates are always in demand. This is one of the reasons why the AWS certified developers are and will continue to be more demanding specialists in the Cloud computing job market.


The above points are just a snapshot of what a professional can gain with the Amazon AWS Certified Developer– Associate credential. After passing the exam you can get much more. Sign up for the relevant courses that will help you learn this certification and clear the testin two ticks. Exam-Labswill help you with this. Take thetraining courses and other useful study materials at very affordable prices and see the results with your own eyes.

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